Bulwark Systems wins highest
sales award for Trendmicro
SMB products  in West zone
for Q1 2007

Launched New Version of SecuraNET Communication Server

Bulwark Systems is Silver Medallion Partner of SonicWall
Systems and Hardware

The systems and hardware consultancy service offering covers the areas of environment engineering, IT infrastructure, helpdesk management, facility management, desktop management, server consolidation management, mailing system management, disaster recovery and planning.

Bulwark Systems's customer services strategic business unit handles this service offering.

  • Environment engineering
  • Furnishings
  • Electrical work
  • Furniture
  • Air-conditioning
  • Fire alarm detection and fire-fighting system
  • Access control system
  • Diesel generator set
  • UPS system

IT infrastructure

  • Design and consulting services
  • Integration and deployment services
  • Systems administration services
  • Database administration services
  • Database monitoring
  • Regular database tuning

Helpdesk management

  • User database
  • Customer 'issues' logging and tracking
  • Call routing to support personnel
  • 'Escalation' of issues / notifying support supervisors
  • Field service logistics and routing features
  • Knowledge base and tools
  • Reporting features
  • Quick and simple interface

Facility management

  • Vendor management service
  • Consumable management service
  • MIS reports and metrics

Desktop management services

  • OS and Desktop login related problem solving
  • HDD formatting / floppy disk / CD drive access issues
  • Upgrading software applications (CDs and licenses from the client)

Mailing system management

  • Mail account management
  • Management of post offices and mailboxes
  • Monitoring of mail traffic and disk space usage for mail
  • Generation of mail related MIS
  • Internet mail system management

Server management

  • Ensuring server integrity
  • Proactive disk space management
  • Operating system administration
  • Backup and restore