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Vulnerability - Threat Management

Internet Vulnerability Assessment: IT Security Audit

The Internet poses many risks to business. The risk of external hackers, worms or bots entering your network or causing a systems outage (through a newly exploited security hole, system misconfiguration or fault) remains clear and present. These vulnerabilities may lie in areas such as your firewall, Web servers, mail servers, Windows, Unix, Linux and a whole host of other categories.

It is a common myth that a firewall will protect an organisation from security exploits. This is unfortunately false, in the vast majority of cases. If your systems are open to an exploit, then, at some point, the likelihood is that they will be exploited.

The Bulwark System Internet vulnerability assessment (IVA) goes a long way in ensuring that security vulnerabilities in your Internet-facing systems and services do not go unchecked.

The IVA service is an IT security audit performed by Bulwarks to check your systems and services against over 11,000 different security risks, with more checks being added daily to ensure that the most recent and critical vulnerabilities are tested for. If a known vulnerability exists on your system, you can be comfortable knowing that the IVA service will detect it.

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Employee Internet Risk Assessment: IT Security Audit

The classic IT and network security audit is an invaluable tool for customers, allowing them to get their systems together to protect from the majority and more dangerous internal and external threats. As part of a comprehensive assessment of your overall network risk, it's important to assess not only the physical and technological protections you implement, but also how vulnerable your organisation may be from your employees' Internet activities and the browsing habits on your internal network.

The Bulwark Systems employee Internet risk assessment audit uses monitoring and reporting functions to show potential and current employee-centric vulnerabilities. This type of assessment complements the Bulwarks traditional security audit service, by showing where internal network security issues can occur - or where they are already occurring!

Bulwarks compare your security perceptions with actual data gathered directly from your network. A thorough report helps you to understand any difference between what you feel your risk level to be and that indicated by actual network data. Including the output in an overall security assessment increases the value, as the data is real, collected typically over a two-week period.

The Bulwarks employee Internet risk assessment audit:

  • Instant representation of your Internet usage behaviour - providing you with a high-level view of your organisation’s Internet activity.
  • Identify the percentage of clients on your network, infected with spyware.
  • See where you could be open to legal liability issues.
  • Understand and identify the dangerous areas on the Internet which your employees and PCs are visiting.
  • View the amount of bandwidth lost through non-business-related Internet activity.
  • View the amount of productivity lost through employees using the Internet for non-business-related activities.
  • Be able to make an informed decision on how to deploy Internet usage controls - often, an organisation will be unsure what Web pages to block or what levels of control to implement. This assessment will provide you with clear areas to address.