Document Management System

Document Management System is an easy to use system that allows your organization to secure, share, track and manage documents.

SecuraNET’s Document Management System is a robust, yet easy to use web-based Document Management Software built on the scalable and secure platform. The state of art technology comes with an integrated individual document security, version control, reports, digital signature, and processing software enabling enterprises to digitize documents and automate manual processes, thus adding agility and flexibility for quick decision making on ever-changing market dynamics.

Advanced Features of SecuraNET’s Document Management System are as follows:

  • Profile : Governs the creation and retrieval of the documents so that users need not worry about the location or other characteristics of the document.
  • Search : User has to specify the criteria he wants to search the document on, and all the documents satisfying the criteria are listed.
  • Centralized storage of documents : Documents are uploaded on the server and can be accessed from anywhere within the organization.
  • Individual Document Security : If a user wants to specify the password for his document so that others cannot access it easily then he can do so
  • Version Control : If the versions of the same document are uploaded then they are managed automatically. Users have to specify only the type i.e. whether the document he is uploading is temporary version, intermediate or final.
  • Reports : Reports are generated so that the administrator can monitor the document history and who uploaded the documents.
  • Digital Signature : The documents can be digitally signed individually or based on the document type if the user wants.
  • Content Description : User can define the content of the document along with the type to ease document search
  • Administrative Tasks : Administrator can easily monitor the system; change the rights, etc. as needed.