Bulwark Systems is HP-RSR
( Registered Supplies Reseller ) for selling original Cartridges.

Bulwark Systems wins highest
sales award for Trendmicro
SMB products  in West zone

Launched New Version of SecuraNET Communication Server

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Biometrics Solutions

Bulwark Systems also provides customized Biometrics Solutions.

We offer various biometric products extracting different biometric features such as, fingerprints, voice-scan, retina-scan, as well as combinations thereof. Stand-alone biometric fingerprint devices as well as PC-based fingerprint readers, and devices attached to glass doors that only open against a valid fingerprint are also available.

Standard Solutions for Time & Attendance, Visitor Access Control, Data Security, Authorised Logins, Contractor & Labour Management, Vehicle Movements, comprehensive HR and Payroll package etc., all based on biometric fingerprint authentication devices.

Our vision is:

  • To create facilities for unprecedented secured access to users, information and applications;
  • To create a way to control how and with whom businesses share key corporate data in-house and via the internet;
  • To open up an array of opportunities by providing a convenient and secure medium for identification, authentication,
  • encryption, transaction and data interchange
  • To manage all the functions of government and industries.