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Launched New Version of SecuraNET Communication Server

CCTV & Video Conferencing

Everything you need for visual communications and security.

CCTV Solutions

CCTV Cameras are the eyes of your CCTV system and Bulwark Systems have a wide range of CCTV cameras and packages available to ensure the clarity and flexibility your surveillance and security systems require.

We can provide every type of security camera needed, please see below for our extensive range including body, dome, infra red, weatherproof, PTZ and more. Our camera range is suitable for any application including homes, retail shops, hotels, schools and vehicles. Read More on CCTV Products>>

cctv camera

Bulwark Systems has years of experience in the security industry and are experts in providing customized digital surveillance solutions. Our systems are designed using innovative technology and offer real world surveillance solutions for homes and businesses everywhere.

Our Digital Surveillance Systems connect CCTV cameras directly, capturing high quality images and storing them digitally on hard disk. By using motion detection recording, our surveillance solutions save time and storage space and make finding events quicker and easier.

Our Digital Surveillance solutions are soak tested for at least 48 hours prior to shipping and arrive fully tested and configured by our dedicated system specialists.


Bulwark Systems can turn an existing network into a complete IPTV solution. This can be to fit any size of organisation from a single school, office building or hospital right up to a geographically dispersed enterprise or college campus with global connections.

Our leading partners use plug-and play devices and open standards to allow integration with other IPTV systems to create your IPTV solution.

In addition, IP Cameras from Bulwarks provide a new approach to CCTV Installation. By utilizing existing IP Networks, IP Cameras be installed quickly and easily. Mega Pixel IP Cameras have been designed to give the highest resolution images ideal for Face and License Plate Capture.

Video Conferencing

Video  Conferencing

More business time is now spent in video, voice and web conferences than in conventional ‘in-person’ meetings. As business executives deem conferencing to be mission-critical in today's intense business climate, so companies need to be sure that the time being spent in “virtual” conferencing is efficient and effective.

Bulwark Systems understands that business success is reliant on speed and integrity of their decision-making, and having the right information in real-time results in a significant competitive advantage. Video Conferencing ensures your time is spent efficiently and effectively, enabling key decision-making - quickly.

Bulwarks Video Conferencing solutions and interoperability will enable you to meet with customers, suppliers and colleagues, all at the push of a button. Remote visual communication is as good as being there. From desktop to auditorium, whether it’s office to office or country to country, you'll be working together.