IT Security Training

Securing your business through training

Bulwark Systems security seminars are a cost-effective, stimulating way of ensuring that your staff members are aware of the reasons for having a company security policy and the safe procedures which support it. Highly visual and thought-provoking demonstrations of real-world issues are used to engage the audience, reinforcing key learning points and enhancing retention of information, for an extremely modest investment per head.

The security awareness training is typically delivered at clients' premises, so that any impact on business operations is minimised. Deployments can be achieved rapidly by running multiple sessions per day and/or catering for large audiences.

Course Content
The content, format and delivery are all highly flexible and typically heavily tailored to clients' requirements. Previous courses have included topics such as:

  • Why is security important? - Security Implications

  • The Security Policy - What's included in a security policy?

  • E-mail Security and Acceptable Usage

  • Threats from the Internet and Usage Policy

  • Laptops, Use and Abuse

  • Physical Security - Back to basics

  • Social Engineering, Guests and Visitors

Bulwarks can also provide and consult on a security policy to protect your organisation and educate your users on the implications revolving around their use of your internal and external systems.