Energy & Utilities

Leveraging its deep understanding of industry knowledge and engineering competencies, Bulwark’s Energy & Utilities practice along with its industry partners provides IT enabled solutions to customers. The Energy (Oil & Gas) & Utility companies has found themselves in operating in a very different world shell-shocked with rocketing oil prices, rapid financial and economic crisis. On the other strict abidance to climate change regulations requires them to stretch their horizons further. Technology innovation is seen as central to a range of key developments in this sector.

The Utilities industry forms the backbone of modern day societies and economies. Increasing supply constraints and environmental awareness can be found at the root of almost all these problems thus forcing the companies to reinvent the way the business should be run. The industry has been experiencing deregulation and privatization globally and there is a renewed interest in operational efficiency through asset and resource optimization. With the current state of regulatory environment and the unbundling in progress, the innovation involving business processes is going to decide the frontrunners in the industry.

Oil and Gas are considered among the world's most important resources. The oil and gas industry have been instrumental in playing a critical role in driving the global economy. The processes and systems involved in exploration, production, refining and marketing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive and require state-of-the-art technology. The industry is witnessing huge energy demand because of some robust developed and developing economies, while the global sources of supplies remain unstable. As a result there has been a soar in consumer prices, high cost associated with exploration and production activities, intense pressure created to improve reserves, achieving production optimization and environmental compliance.

Consolidation, deregulation, new technologies, competitive pressures and new customer service demands affect the Energy & Utilities industry on a daily basis. To maintain leadership, major Energy & Utility companies must differentiate themselves by proactively exceeding customer demands and lowering operational costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and shareholder value.  A wide spectrum of Energy and Utilities Solutions is helping companies in this industry to compete, win and grow in a constantly changing economy. Across the globe, we assist them with IT consulting, solutions and services to various energy companies and utility providers serving the industry.

From pricing pressures to mergers and de-mergers, new regulations for expansion and divestments; enhancing business agility and flexibility is becoming the success mantra for Energy and Utilities companies to survive and thrive in the changing landscape. Leveraging its business and technology expertise, we assist them to define and deploy robust and comprehensive business effectiveness improvement program, specially tailored to meet their specific requirements.

A breach of information security within the organization has the potential to bring down the entire power system for your city, state or country - regardless of whether the incident was the result of a malicious act, negligence, or simply an accident. For this reason, energy and utility organizations worldwide have been subjected to greater scrutiny of their information security practices. Governments are establishing tighter controls and want regular proof of information security controls.


Remote Access Systems to Provide User Mobility - Bulwark System has the experience to deliver mobility solutions which are secure, reliable, resilient, cost-effective and sensible.

Managing the Migration of your Systems - Bulwarks will remove the headache for you, through experience, detailed project management, implementing the right resources, managing third-parties and ensuring that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Cyber Law & Forensics - As the nature of Internet is changing and this new medium is being seen as the ultimate medium ever evolved in human history, every activity of yours in Cyberspace can and will have a Cyber legal perspective.

Products for Energy & Utilities Sector

Security Solutions - Bulwark Systems provides Custom High End Security Solutions.

Genuine Software & Hardware Products - Bulwark Systems has established itself, over a period of time, of providing original software.

Cyber Law & Forensics - As the nature of Internet is changing and this new medium is being seen as the ultimate medium ever evolved in human history, every activity of yours in Cyberspace can and will have a Cyber legal perspective.