HR POWER – Human Resource Information System

Bulwarks Systems’ HR Power is easy to use web based human Resource Information System.Built for today’s competitive business environment,HR Power provides the ultimate HRIS user experience.This comprehensive online system streamlines and manages the most essential and valuable asset of any organization-its Workforce.

Why HR Power

From applicant to retiree, HR Power automates entire HR process with complete security and thus,help to save invaluable time.Not just the HR division,but this system gives your employees the power of direct accessibility to view and manage their information using a web browser.
With unmatched features, user-friendly interface & functionality and stronger customer service,we guarantee to make things simpler.

Employee Recruitment

The process of finding and hiring the suitable candidate for a job opening in an organization, in a timely and cost effective manner is not an easy task. To simply and make this process more productive,Bulwarks System provides you with a comprehensive & effective solution in the form of Employee Recruitment Module, an integral part of HR Power. Form posting of job vacancies, its description, resume management & short listing to scheduling interviews, all these tasks are automatically managed by HR Power.It is also possible to integrate the system with your website for tracking each application.
Just hit the internet to use HR Power and you can generate required templates and documentation without any installation or download!

HR Information

This next generation HRIS by bulwark system benefits organization as well as employees with its self-service module any limitations,risk or hidden costs.For each feature and module there is a provision to assign the access rights to maintain security and confidentiality.
The system intuitively stores information about demographic and geographical detail, training and development, capabilities and skill payroll & compensation planing records and other human resource related activities. HR Power records every minute detail of an employee that is even remotely important for your organization.Bulwark system understands the pace with which every organization grows and hence, it has integrated custom field instead of just standard,preconfigured fields for employee information.

Manage HR the easy way

Bulwark’s flexible online HR software provides everything that’s needed to take the hassle out of human resources management. With comprehensive functionality, intuitive self-service, built-in dashboards, mobile apps and much more, it makes HR management simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.

Modular, so you can pick the functionality you need

Configurable, to allow you to tailor the system to suit you

Connected and global, so you can engage employees wherever they are

Save time and get better results

You’ll benefit from a host of smart time-saving features designed to make your working day easier. Administration is dramatically reduced, important activities less likely to get overlooked, and informed decisions easier to make.

Save time by routing tasks and approvals automatically

Stay in control with automatic alerts and notifications

Gain instant access to accurate, up-to-date HR information

Engage employees

You’ll be able to let employees help themselves to the information they need, request time off, find policy documents, connect with colleagues and much more, without losing control over either the data or the process. It’s the easiest way to keep everything working smoothly.

Improve productivity with intuitive employee self-service

Share information and get feedback using the HR portal and social workspaces

Connect on the move with native mobile apps

Benefit from the Cloud

Bulwark's HR software is quick to deploy and remarkably cost effective too. That’s because we haven ’t just moved our software on-line, but built a robust multi-tenanted SaaS solution that delivers on the low-cost, high quality promise of Cloud software solutions.

Get going fast, you can be up and running in just days or weeks

Avoid expensive IT overheads as we take care of your infrastructure for you

Stay up to date, you’ll get the latest features at no extra cost

Global HR software

Serving tens of thousands of employees worldwide, we know what it takes to deliver global HR solutions that really work. We’ve not bolted on global capabilities, but put them at the very heart of what we deliver. And, it won’t cost you a penny more.

Support different security roles, processes etc. in different countries

Ensure employees feel at home with local terminology, formatting and language

Available in 6 languages, and supports non-Western character sets (i.e. Greek, Chinese)

User Role Management


Workflow Management

Organogram Management


Employee Management