iNstaMailers : Email Messages as Amazing as Your Business

With instamailer, you can take your marketing dollars further by sharing your ideas, strengthening your customer relationships, and increasing your brand awareness through email. Our easy-to-use tools move you seamlessly from building lists and designing emails, to sending messages and tracking opens and clicks. Check out key features of our email marketing solutions below.

Performance: Get Better Results

InstaMailer’s technology relies on the cloud power. This allows you to benefit from a unique scalability. Our sending capacity always adapts to your needs. InstaMailers also ensures that the messages reach their recipients. Our algorithm optimises your deliverability and a set of powerful tracking tools allows you to measure success in real time.

Convenience: A truly Great Service

InstaMailer’s user experience is incredibly smooth and intuitive. The statistics are easy to browse, filter and manipulate. In a few clicks, you can extract some actionable metrics and start up turning them into sales. A rich documentation helps you leveraging all these tools. And if you need help, our Support Team will always be there for you.

The Best Value: Save Money

InstaMailer’s high deliverability increases your conversion rates. Therefore, your campaigns ROI augments. And so does your revenue. But here’s the best part: InstaMailer’s prices are incredibly low. Cherry on top: no engagement! People use our service because they like it, not because they’ve signed a contract. So feel free to try us out!


Email Templates

We love email templates and have one to match your business needs. Choose from hundreds of well designed templates guaranteed to make your message popup

Email Builder

No design experience? No knowledge of HTML? No worries! Create beautiful messages in minutes with our drag-and-drop message creation tool. Simply pick a template from our well-stocked template library, and make it your own by adding your brand colors, images, links, and text.

Email Delivery

We move your messages straight from your business to your customers’ inboxes, every time. How do we do it? With a team of delivery specialists, SpamCheck™, and close relationships with all the major Internet service providers



See how popular your emails are with your contacts by tracking opens, clicks,Statistics and unsubscribes.


Sign-Up Form

Add sign-up forms to your website and Facebook page to turn visitors and fans into email subscribers.


I just wanted to let you know that I have been using for a few months now and am completely satisfied with your service! It's very user friendly and my email campaigns have been very successful. I compared so many email marketing sites and finally selected I'm glad I did! Thanks.

Judy Knelly

Business Development UK

If you are looking for a great email marketing service, is at the top. This service has everything that you’ll need to target your audience, create a compelling email, monitor results and boost your sales.

Bob Martin

Sales Executive USA