SecuraNET communication server system is designed as an out-of the box communications and collaboration system. It is based on our SecuraNET OS hardened operating system. Here there is no requirement to purchase, install or have expertise in operating systems. Communications Email Server is a Mailing System that is administered thru a web browser.

It meets the requirements for small and large organizations with easy deployment, administration, support, reliability, stability and scalability. Messages can be sent and received thru email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and we ship it along with our SecuraNET Virtual Office a web interface to access and send emails, store files (even remotely), manage schedules, notes, news, company portal, address book. All this can be configured to be available to the user even remotely from outside the network with proper authentication. This centralized solution can benefit even organizations with branch offices at remote locations. This solution supports both internal and external emails.

This system supports POP3, SMTP (has its own SMTP engine) and IMAP. It can be configured to receive emails directly from the internet or download it from your provider and even supports catch all accounts. ISP connections supported are leased circuits, DSL lines, RF connections, cable connections.

Personal files can be accessed that are stored on the server thru the browser, users personal password can be changed to a new one and also corporate chat is possible.

Presenting Productive Email
SecuraNET, available in Express and Enterprise versions,
has been designed to help you to implement productive and efficient email.

WebMail Demo

Rules and policy-based email rights for users.
Allows users to collaborate on organizational IDs like sales@ and hr@

WebAdmin Demo

Gateway-level protection from malicious & objectionable content, i.e. email-borne viruses, spam.


Powerful features which, are also very easy to implement.
Implementation support in India.

Why should you choose SecuraNET ?


Shows your mails as per your settings.
Marks the mails as unseen, answered, important, deleted etc.
Move/ Copy your mails to other folders.


Send mail to the intended recipient(s).
Supports HTML format email sending.
Save copies of important emails you send so that you have something to refer back to later and to keep an accurate record of what was said.
Attach files to your message if your browser supports uploading of files. More than 1 file can be uploaded at once.
Checks your spelling.


Gives world news.
Links to frequently visited sites like yahoo, msn etc.
Provides utilities like railway reservation.
Allows you to search with Google.

Folder Navigator & Search

Allows you to navigate through different folders & Search the mail messages.


Checks for viruses, if allowed by system policy.
Checks for attachments for banned file extensions.
Checks for bad or illegal headers in the message.


Filter all messages according to the specified rules. A rule consists of one or more conditions and one or more actions.


Chat Allows you to send messages. You can store frequently occurring message and select it when ever you need.

Email Mainly it has three facilities: Open Requests, My pending Requests, My closed requests.

Change of Password The user can change their account’s password.

Address Book

Browse Provides a convenient method for easy retrieval of contact information.

Add Add a user to an address book.

Search Search an address book to locate information. If a search is successful, Results will show up in the search results area.

Import / Export Allows you to import to and export from your personal address book. It Supports both CSV (Comma Separated Variable), Outlook, and vCards formats, as well as some other popular formats.


Views Display Day, Month view of the currently selected day.

New Event Create new event to be added to a calendar.

Import / Export Import / Export Calendar Events.

Print Certain views are designed to be printable.